On misplace trust

My thoughts on misplaced trust. A short read…

In my one of my earlier posts, I shared on how I deal with myself on misplaced trust. Here.

This post, I will further share my thoughts on this misplaced trust thingy.
I place trust on others by my choice. Which means to say, it is on my own free will. If I made a wrong choice, it was on me. I tell myself to wise up and move on.

From my reflections, I came to the conclusion that I must had not built my relationship deep enough with that person which led to such situation. Reflect, learn and improve upon myself.
I give thanks to that person for my learning experience. (Ok, I will at least try not to poison myself with those angry thoughts)
I gonna admit, it was not easy for me in the beginning. But I got better with time.

And, looking on the brighter side, I learnt from the experiences rather than choosing to feel victimized.

That’s all for now.
Till the next post, take good care of yourself.
Namaste 😊

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