My thoughts on Reading

My personal thoughts on reading…

It has been awhile since my previous post. Oh well, I had been spending time reading some of the books that I had read before.

Apart from refreshing what I had learnt, it also amazed me that I was able to pick up new perspective from the books that I had read in the past.

A leader in my workplace once shared with us this quote:

“Not all readers are Leaders; but all Leaders are readers.”

I can agree to a certain extend on that because, to me, reading is only a small part of the equation.

The learning from the written content and application of the knowledge is as important.

On reading…

I believe all will agree that a writer would have been through certain experiences in life and have his/her own unique way of thinking. The thoughts got penned down & published.

As a reader, I get to tap into the knowledge & thoughts of the writer. The years that the writer spent experiencing the successes, the pitfalls, the realisations, the ideology, the emotions…you name it, all for the price of the book & reading time. I think it is worth the while.

Sometimes, I had been asked about what type to read. Fiction or Non-fiction.

Well, I would just say, read on anything that captures your curiosity. Magazines, comics, reports, tweets…etc. Any content contains knowledge & wisdom. Read especially on the topics that we have not much knowledge of, or not familiar with. That is one good way to broaden the mind.

Oh, I have yet to answer to the question of Fiction or Non-fiction? How about I offer you this points to ponder…

– are non-fiction really 100% factual?

– how many items from fiction are already invented and in use?

You know, due to differences in world view, there will always be differences in interpretation of what was written. Just about anything can be debated…even this paragraph itself can be debated.

So, I would say, just read…enjoy and have fun.

And…Thank you for reading.

Till the next post, take good care of yourself.

Namaste 🙏

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