How I deal with misplaced trust

Growing up, I had learnt quite a few ways to deal with myself when it comes to trust.

Yes…”deal with myself”.

I believe most of us had our fair share of misplacing our trust in someone before. Few emotions felt would likely be anger, disappointment, sadness…I had that. And I reflected many times over my growing years.

Thoughts like, ‘I will never fall in love again’, ‘Trust no one’ were some of my resolutions…Familiar?

But I also know that, like most human beings, I, naturally is a herding animal. And being part of a larger system, it would not be easy to interact with others without giving some information about myself. (aka show vulnerability)

So, how I deal with myself?

I, Trust that no one is perfect and human are prone to making mistakes. The mental vaccination works well thus far to cushion the impact of betrayal.
I, Give Thanks that the betrayal happened at that certain point of time…not any later.
I, Move on with the happy thought that I have one less person to care about.

Till the next post, wish you all well.

Namaste 🙏😊

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