Great learning from a simple quiz

A simple quiz had me reflecting, gained insights and applied the learning.

One of the inspirations that started me to look at things from different perspectives could be credited to this simple quiz.

*Thank you Bernard L. for quizzing me.

So, here goes…

1 = 5
2 = 10
3 = 30
4 = 120
5 = ?

At this point, I would like to share that 600 is not the correct answer.

The hint given to me, “The answer is in the question.”
Still I did not get it right.

I remembered giving myself a face palm after learning the answer.

Answer is 1.

Bernard L. shared that most children got it right because they think simple and his words set me reflecting.

Insights I gained:
1. The “If” was a warning that, what follows could be hypothetical. I took the small 2-letters word too lightly. (If 1=5, then 5 would =1)

2. Following the seemingly logical increments (1=5, 2=10, 3=30…multiplications), I was basically trended away. Thus the answer, 600.

3. The answer is already in the question. I did not look close enough.

Did you get it right in the first attempt?

What insights would you share about this post?

Hope you gained something from this post.

Till the next post, I wish you well.


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