Passing Clouds

#00 Faith

It was love at sight on the first day of Primary 2. Right, I was only 7. Read what I learned from this puppy love…

It was love at sight on the first day of Primary 2. Right, I was only 7.

Although I cannot remember what exactly attracted me to Faith, but I could remember most of the stupid things that I had done in my bid to win her heart.

At such a tender age, I was already stalking her to find out where she was staying. And since knowing her address, I would spend about an hour loitering below her block, — hopelessly — hoping for an unlikely chance to see her.

The stalking became a frequent routine and it didn’t take long before Faith found me a nuisance. She would ask me to leave her alone, and at times, her mother would be waiting for her below their block. Faith’s mother would give me her mummy-death-stare and I must admit that the deterrence worked to a certain extend.

Moving on to alternatives, I planned to sing to Faith a Chinese love song with lyrics that matched my feelings, hoping that she will fall for me after hearing my vocal. Did not happen because there was no chance that we could be alone, and I was afraid that if I did make a public performance, other female classmates might also fall for me. *Yah, Yah…I am also shaking my head right now.

Love letter? Yup. Secretly dropped one into her school bag — when everyone was out of class for recess — in the hope that my articulates would stir up her feelings towards me.

When I get to find out about her religious belief, I read up on the Bible, hoping that in the event that we did have a conversation, I would at least have some talking points out from my gap.


Near the final week of Primary 2, before we embark on the month long school holiday, Faith asked me to join her during recess time. I remember the excitement and happiness welling up within, so much so that I couldn’t keep myself from smiling.

At the table, Faith was gentle and courteous in our conversations. I felt like I was at the top of the world just by sitting beside her.

“Your improvement in English was really fast. How did you manage to get such high scores for English? I am really impressed by your results.” Faith said.

My body shot up straight with pride upon hearing her words. “Reading.” I replied, omitting the detail on what I had been reading.

“I do find myself take a liking to you, especially now that you topped the class.” She continued.

My elated posture dropped into a slouch. I suddenly saw the reason behind the date.

A realization formed in my little mind, Human can be attracted to not just the physical form of a person, they can also fall for a person’s status, talents, wealth…etc. This little lamb is talking to me because of my academic results. She’s not into me.

In my growing up years, I made good use of that insight and developed myself on what I called attributes for attractions which proofed useful in both leading my life and for work. And some time later in the years that followed, I also learned that getting laid was but one of the byproducts when the attributes were employed properly.

Oh, and just for the sake of closure, I lost interest in Faith that very moment. I finished my bowl of fish balls noodle as quickly as I could and excused myself from the date. I remembered playing marbles with my other male classmates before the long ring of school bell, marking the end of recess-time, and also closing my year-long chapter living in blind infatuation.

Thank you Faith, for your – unknowing — contribution to one of the first important lessons in my life. -VV Cold

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