Two fathers?

There was this man who bought a sports car.

He drove it home and showed it to his son.

“Shall we go for a ride son?”

To which, the son was already nodding his head continuously.

They drove through the neighborhood and upon reaching the highway, the father increased the speed.

“How? This car powerful right?” asked the father proudly.

“Yes dad. Can it go faster?” the son requested.

“Sure. Sit tight.”

The father floored the accelerator and the car took off like a rocket.

While making a sharp left turn, the father lost control of the car and the car crashed onto a lamp post.

Both the father and son were injured. They were rushed to the hospital.

At the Accident & Emergency (A&E), the doctor rushed in to attend to the two casualties.

Upon seeing the injured boy, the doctor asked another doctor to attend to the boy instead.

Reason given, “The boy is my son.”

How is it possible that the boy is the doctor’s son?

Share in the comment if you know why.

Till my next post, wish you well.


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