Mr Lim’s $3 value shop

The unique thing about Mr. Lim’s shop, he fixed the price of any item in the store at three dollars.

And he is principled in sticking to the price tag.

No amount more, no amount less.

Mr. Lim once scolded his son for accepting more from a customer.


One day, Mr. Lim needed to run an errand.

So, he got his son to tend the store.

A customer picked an item and paid two dollars & twenty, five cents.

The son accepted the money.

When Mr. Lim returned, the son handed over the money to Mr. Lim.

Mr. Lim counted the money and thanked his son for being a good help.


How was it that Mr. Lim accepted without scolding his son?

Share in the comments if you figured it out.

Hint: The devil is in the details 🙂

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