Passing Clouds

#13 Doris

She was ready to marry me. But…

20 Jul 96 Europa Ridley’s Disco, ANA Hotel.

I was happily dancing alone when a fight broke out on the dance floor.

Patrons instinctively distant themselves from the melee. A girl in her haste to escape the danger knocked onto me and covered her face onto my chests. By my instinct, I wrapped my left arm around her, and took a side-step to present a smaller target of ourselves in case of stray punches.

“Get out of the dance floor!” I shouted.

The bouncers were fast in their intervention and the groups were pushed out of the dance floor. The dance continued shortly after, as if nothing happened.

“Are you alright?” I queried, still holding her in my arms.

She looked up at me, her stares looked blank.

What bright beautiful eyes she has. I thought.

I moved us out of the dance floor towards our usual place.

“Here, drink this.” I handed her my glass of warm brandy.

“Thanks for just now.” She managed to say after taking a sip.

I introduced myself and she told her name was Doris. I invited her to join me which she obliged. She brought her two girl friends along.

My clique of friends were pleasantly surprised to find three girls by my side when they arrived. I let the guys introduce themselves. After taking a cut of my share (Doris), the ratio of guys to girls was 5:2. Whoever interested would have to work their way on the girls. Else, they would have to venture out into the rest of the disco. Doris’ friends and mine warmed up to each other quickly – the beauty of disco environment – and started playing party games whereby loser drinks.

“Aren’t you afraid that they will attack you when you shouted at them?” Doris asked.

I shrugged with a smile. No necessity to show-off the influence I possessed, lest I scared her off.

“I can see that you are a confident guy. That makes you attractive.” She commented.

Subtle sign +1. I made a mental note.

“I saw Mae at the entrance.” Ryan whispered into my ear.

Damned! Forgot that I dated Mae tonight. My mind cursed.

“Bro, I need you to cover me. Appear as though you are working on Doris. Can?” I asked Ryan.

“Can I have her if I succeed?” Ryan asked.

“Sure bro.” I patronized. My priority was to settle Mae.

I put up an “I-am-pleasantly-surprised-to-see-you” look when Mae saw me. Following which, I introduced Mae to Doris and her two friends.

Mae and I joined in the party games, leaving Ryan to work on Doris. They joined into the games shortly after.

You think it is easy to succeed? You’re not me, bro. My mind said as I looked at Ryan.

When we were all taking a break from the games, Doris asked Mae in my presence, “Are you his girlfriend?”

Good move girl. But wrong question. Make that a +1, you sneaky girl. My mind said.

“No. Why?” Mae said.

“Nothing. Just a random question.” Doris said with a smile.

Doris took a quick glance at me before turning back to face the dance floor, seemingly satisfied with Mae’s answer. Make that another +1.

Well, technically speaking, Mae was not my girlfriend then. I was still in the process to win her heart.

For the whole of that night, I threaded between Doris and Mae. Calibrating my actions and choice of words, careful not to show Mae that I was onto Doris and vice-versa. My clique of friends watched in amazement.

The only person unhappy that night was Ryan. I could hear the frustrations and anger in his tone when he talked to me. But we all knew the unspoken rules of the game.

I also knew that Ryan was the herding type, and our clique were his only friends. I was sure he knew it would not be worth the while to do anything foolish for a girl he just met.

By the end of that night, I knew it was an all-clear when both Mae and Doris paged me to inform that they reached home safely.

The next day, Doris and I met for dinner at Sizzler Restaurant situated in Wisma Atrium. Our conversations were mostly Q&A-type, whereby she asked and I answered. I kept most of my answers vague. Sometimes, I would changed subject if I did not want to disclose too much, and also because I don’t like to lie. *Lies are difficult to remember. That’s where most guys tripped themselves.

After dinner, we strolled to Club 97, Hotel Phoenix, a Canto-themed disco. It used to be my favorite haunt called Europa Tornado. I switched to Ridley’s disco after it changed to Club 97. Partly due to my lack of proficiency in Cantonese.

My clique would not expect me to be at Club 97. And also, Mae would not suddenly appear out of nowhere. Club 97 could give me the peace I needed to work on Doris.

I became bored after a while. Especially when I was positively sure that Doris would be another number in my list.

“Shall we leave? It’s not very enjoyable here. Moreover, I am feeling a little tired.” I cooked up a stupid excuse. “I would be finding a place to take a short break. But I am reluctant to part with you so soon.”

“Where? You have a place in mind?” Doris asked.

“Maybe a motel nearby. I want you by my side.” I said. A little less subtle, just to be sure.

“Ok.” She said.

Great. We’re set. My mind confirmed.

She held both her hands onto my arm while we awaited for a cab at the taxi stand.

We checked into Amber Glory Hotel.

As I was stripping her down, I noticed the flush on her rosy cheeks. I liked what I saw. My eyes brightened up when I took sight of her breasts.

Bell shape breasts! My mind screeched with excitement.

Bell shape breasts are generally narrower at the top and drastically fuller towards the bottom. 

That was my first live encounter with these shape. Did I mention my instant erection?

Sitting onto the edge of the bed, I gently pulled her closer, so that I could play with the pair of exotic toys. Her body trembled slightly when I licked her left nipple, following which my tongue felt the areola puffed up a little. Nice.

While I was visually admiring the overall of her stature, I noticed her juice slowly flowed down a straight line along her right inner thigh. I decided to skip the foreplay.

I laid onto the bed. She mounted herself on top of my hips while I guided my penis, which slipped into her effortlessly. She placed both her hands onto my chests to support herself while she moved herself up and down. Our body movement synced almost instantly. I could see from her face that she was enjoying it.

It was an amazing sight to see the slight lengthening of the breasts at the narrower part that accompanied Doris’ bounces. I just could not take my eyes off them.

It didn’t take me long to reach orgasm. I lifted her petite frame up just in time to come outside her.

“You are good. I totally enjoyed myself.” Doris leaned her head onto my chests.

“I enjoyed myself too.” I fondled her breasts.

“Are we considered a couple?” Doris asked.

“Huh?” I must admit her question caught me by surprise.

Didn’t I just drilled you? I thought.

“You are going to marry me eventually right?” Came her next question.

What?! If my mind could be heard, it would sound like a sharp phonetic screech.

I closed my eyes slowly, my hand still caressing Doris’ breasts. My mind was spinning fast to come up with a way to deal with the situation.

I could tell her a lie to continue enjoying her till I had enough of her, or just let her know that I already had a wedding plan. Not with her of course. I decided to try the middle way.

“Girl, you need to know that you are not my only girlfriend.” I started.

“I expected so. How long have you been with her?” She said.

“No. Them.” I corrected.

“You mean other than me, there are more than one?” Doris’ eyes widened.

“As of now, you are number 3.” I said.

“Is Mae one of them?” She asked.

“Nope. Not yet. But when that happens, she will be number 4.” I said, satisfied to be able to reply to a question that she asked Mae 24 hours prior.

Doris sat herself up slowly, her head lowered and her eyes closed, seemingly in her own thoughts.

A moment later, she opened her eyes and placed her palm gently onto my chest.

“Will you give up the forest for a tree?” She asked, her eyes looking hopeful.

“Yes. I will…Eventually.” I said.

Before her face completed a smile, I added, “I’ll just be frank, you are not that tree.”

“Then, perhaps there is nothing much to talk about.” Doris said. She got out of the bed to picked up her clothes from the floor.

I watched her breasts jingled as she put on her clothes. I knew I was going to miss them.

Doris took a final look at me before stepping out of the room.


Thank you Doris. Wish you well and hope you already got a better man who loves you.

– VV Cold

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