My thoughts on so-call short people: Not what you think

Year 2018, I was on course with twenty-four colleagues from other parts of our organization. Some of them, I met for the first time.
In a dialogue session with one of our top management staff, let’s just call him Mr. T. Upon his arrival into the room, the first sentence Mr. T said to three of my course-mates, “You three shorties are always seen together.” To which the three of them could only respond with smiles. Maybe they took offense, maybe they accepted the fact. But I believe they would had preferred something more encouraging from a ‘Leader’.
While I can tell from Mr. T’s tone that it was just a casual remark, I still thought it was not right to make such comment.
Did I mention that it was a Leadership Development Course we were attending?
Okay, enough of my rantings.
Let me share with you my perspective about people who are not as tall.
I believe either God or Nature loves them more than the rest of us. In fact, I strongly think they were given an unfair head start (no pun intended). I believe they were prepared for leadership positions right from the start.
Oh, you are shaking your head in doubts and thinking, “Seriously?”
And I ask that you hold your thoughts.
Search your memory…
– Who usually get to sit at the front of the class?
– Who do you usually ask to move to the front when taking group photos?
Now, think again. What position are Leaders usually standing at?
And have you heard a saying, “Human are creatures of habit?”
When a person is conditioned and comfortable to be in the forefront, doesn’t he/she already has a better head start than most of us?
I shared this theory with the said three course-mates after the dialogue session, not expecting to be taken seriously. And guess what? I saw the ‘Aha!’ glitters in their eyes. One of them even commented that it was a good one.
If you come across people who had concerns over their height, share this post with them. The new perspective may help them feel better about themselves.
Thanks in advance.
Alright, that’s all for now.
Till the next post, take good care of yourself.
Namaste 🙂

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