Outing: Drone piloting @ Marina Barrage

Our usual office outings were mostly lunches. The furthest we got once was to go for a movie followed by lunch.

Nope, I’m not complaining. It’s always good to have regular outings. These are the time when we do something other than work, time when we build cohesion.

Happy to be able to organize a Basic Drone Piloting @ Marina Barrage.

Brief on basic theory and safety points.

We started with a brief on the basics of drone flying and some safety pointers. And after the dry practice on the remote controllers, they were ready to fly the drones.


With support from a good friend, my colleagues were able to experience the differences of piloting Parrot ANAFI and DJI MAVIC 2.

I must commend that my colleagues were really good for first-time pilots.


Glad to be able to share some knowledge.

We had a fun-filled morning, and, yes, you guessed it right…lunch.



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