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The fight between Simba and Tarzan

What would the consequences be when the King of Jungle fought with the Lord of the Apes?

Read on…

When they reached the scene, the animals found the Simba dead and Tarzan seriously injured and lying unconscious next to it.

Tarzan lost his left eye, right arm, both legs and his penis was mangled beyond recognition.

“We need to save him.” said the owl. The animals nodded in agreement.

The animals stepped forth to offer their parts. The eagle donated an eye, the silver back gorilla presented it’s arm and the puma gave up its pair of legs. There was silence when it came to the private. All the animal looked expectantly at the elephant.

“Alright, alright, take my son’s trunk.” The elephant gave in.


Tarzan was well again within a matter of days and held his first meeting since his recovery.

“How are you feeling my lord?” asked the ape.

“Never felt better. Now, I have better sight, thanks to eagle. With silver back’s arm, I could swing around with a single arm and running with the speed of a puma. Thank you all.” Tarzan said.

Many of the animals wanted to know about the final part but held their curiosity. The monkey could not suppress itself no more and asked Tarzan about his private parts.

“Oh well, it has served it’s purposes thus far, and Jane was happy about it. So no complains, except for a little inconvenience…for every few steps I took, it will pick up some grass and stuff it up my ass.”

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