Assumption: an incident at the golf course

At the golf course, we hear a loud “Fore!” from the ladies behind our flight.

Before we could react, we heard a loud “Ah!!!” from one of our flight mates. We turned to witness him dropped onto the green, both his hands holding his crotch area.

“Bro, you alright?!” we asked. The only response we got was of him sucking in air through his clenched jaw, while he rolled onto his sides like a fetus.

The ladies sped to our location in their buggy and upon seeing my flight mate’s plight, one of the ladies dashed forth,  “I’m a physician. Let me take a look at where it hurts.” She said.

My flight mate on the ground just shook his head in decline.

“Let me help.” She insisted.

Slowly, she moved my flight mate’s hands to his sides & proceeded to perform triage on the area between his legs.

“Seem like it is not badly injured. A massage should ease the pain.”

After a few minutes of massage, the physician asked if he was feeling better.

“Yes. It feels good.” He replied. “But his thumb still hurts.”





Must have taken you a couple of seconds to make sense of the story.

Hope you had a good laugh.

Till the next post, take good care of yourself.


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