The pet beaver

What about a pet beaver?

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Little Billy walked into the master bedroom and his mother was there without clothes.
“Mum, what is that hairy thing between your legs?” asked Billy.
Embarrassed and shocked, the mother managed to reply to her 5 years old, “This is mum’s pet beaver.”
Billy nodded his head and went out of the room.
A few days later, Billy came home with his classmate, Johnny. “Mum, can you show Johnny your pet beaver?”
The quick-witted mother responded, “Oh, I’m so sorry to disappoint both of you but I lost the beaver some time ago. Why don’t you both go upstairs to play with the toys while I make lemonade for you?”
“Ok, thank you mum.”
Some months later, Little Billy went back home, excited. “Mum, mum, I found your pet beaver.”
The mother raised her eyebrows in surprise.
“It is with grandma.” Billy continued.

“But I think it is dead. It got it’s tongue dangling out.”

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