Passing Clouds

#16 Jaslyn

She was a plain Jane+. What brought us together? Read on…

Oct 1997 in Europa Ridley’s Disco, ANA Hotel.
We were all surprised to see Ocean walked into A2 with Patricia and Jaslyn.
“You know what’s the occasion tonight right?” Mel asked.
Ocean responded with a nod.
“And?!” Mel asked.
Patricia and Jaslyn looked at both Mel and Ocean.
“Tonight, we celebrate my 24th birthday, and also the final night of bachelorhood.” I quickly interjected.
Patricia let out a laugh. “You? Getting married? Seriously?” Disbelief written across her face.
“I thought the right thing to do is to either wish me happy birthday or congratulate me, or both?” I laughed along.
“Oh yes, congrats and happy birthday.” She extended her hand to shake mine.
Jaslyn did likewise.
Well, I wasn’t lying, but I also wasn’t entirely truthful either. I said ‘final night of bachelorhood’ not ‘final night of my bachelorhood’. The other bachelor in question was…Ocean. Just that bride was not Patricia.

The backstory…happened about few months prior, in Ridley’s
That night, I arrived early, as usual. Our usual seating space, A2 was occupied by a group of party-goers. Five guys and two girls.
When I arrived, Lester, one of the bouncers walked hastily to apologize to me before proceeding to relocate the group.
I observed protesting looks from some of them in the group.
“It’s ok. I’ll handle this.” I said to Lester.

I turned to face the group, “This space should be able to accommodate all of us, including my small group of friends. They will be coming in later. We can co-share the place if you all don’t mind.”
“That’s great. Thanks for your graciousness.” One of them said. The rest of the group gave an agreeing cheer.
We made our self-intros and they offered me drinks to show their appreciations. The two girls in the group were – yes, you guessed it right – Patricia and Jaslyn.
For an hour plus or so, I kept myself occupied by scanning the dance floor for potentials. Occasionally, I made small talks and knocked glasses with members of the group.
Ocean, Mel and Ryan had gotten used to seeing my willingness to share our A2 with others. And automatically introduced themselves to the group upon their arrival.
We had a fun night with our new friends, playing party games and sharing our drinks.

Three weeks later, Ocean walked into A2, hand-in-hand with Patricia. Jaslyn walking not far behind them.
With Patricia and Ocean in a relationship, the two girls would regularly appear in Ridley’s, sometimes with their own friends, but mostly with our group.
Apart from the occasional small talks, we did not talk much with Patricia. Nobody really took note of Jaslyn, myself included.
Now that it was mentioned, Jaslyn was petite, more on the skinny side. I think about 1.6m tall. She sported straight shoulder-length hair. She was not ugly looking, just also not super pretty. I’ll just class her as plain Jane+.
So, how do I end up bedding her? Read on while I elaborate…

Back to the 3-in-1 celebration night
That night, I was in an extremely good mood. For the simple fact that I was feeling light. After making Jen leave me, there was no one else…No more number 2, number 3 or number whatever. No more fucking-around. I even had the thought that my partying nights would not be as frequent. Maybe down to just once per week.
While we were at the dance floor, I realized a group of four men pushing their weights on our group. From Ocean facial expressions, I knew he felt it too. But I just smiled to him and gestured for our group to shift, so as to give the four men more space. But our effort was futile. Our group got pushed to a corner of the dance floor.
“They purposely one right?” Mel asked.
Nodding and with a smile, I said, “Tonight’s objective is to celebrate and be happy. No trouble ya?”
Mel obeyed.
“Let them have the dance floor, let’s just go back to our space.” I continue.
I noticed the four men left the dance floor shortly after us, and understood what that meant. Must have been bored when they have no one to bully.
Live and let live. Accumulate good Karma. I told myself.
We were in the middle of a game of 007-Bang when Patricia’s body straightened…our ears captured the prelude of Macarena.
“Let’s go!” Patricia said, dragging Ocean onto the dance floor. The rest of us howled, followed along and grooved to the ironical lyrics.
My peripherals caught sight of the earlier four men making their way into the dance floor. Something in their eyes spelled T.R.O.U.B.L.E.
Damned! My mind let out.
Please God, protect these four men. Make them leave us alone. Let us have a peaceful celebration…Amen. I prayed silently.
My prayer was not answered. One of the men knocked Ocean with his butt and we knew it was done on purpose. I gestured for Ocean to let it pass, which he complied. Then, the same man tried again…hard. Ocean could take it no more and returned that man with an even harder butt-knock. Their dance moves turned into aggressive butt-bangings.
One of Ocean’s knocks was so strong that the man had to shuffle few quick steps to keep himself from falling. The moment the man attempted to drive his right fist towards the back of Ocean’s head, my perceptions changed, everything in my view turned slow. I swept Ocean aside to avert the hit. Simultaneously, I made used of my left body rotation to throw out a straight punch, going for the area right under the nose, where I knew could cause a hell of pain. The moment that man covered his mouth with both his hands, Mel and Ryan closed onto him and started punching him like they were Ip Man.
Next, I kicked my right Caterpillar Steel-Toe onto the shin of the nearest man, as soon as he lowered himself to hold his shin – a nature human reaction to pain – I delivered a right hook onto his temple. It was a direct connection. I secretly hoped it was just a knock-out, nothing more serious.
By then, the third man’s fist was about up towards my face. I made a facial expression as if I was about to spit onto his face, causing a momentary pause. That was the time when Ocean’s Timberland boots landed onto his chest. I took the chance to close in and serve a left jab onto his floating ribs. He let out a cough and slumped onto the dance floor, his body curled up like a fetus. Again, I hoped it was just a temporary stun on his liver.
By then, the fourth man had already scurried towards the edge of the dance floor. Watching helplessly as Ocean stomped the first man repeatedly while Mel and Ryan doing likewise to the third man. The second man was still motionless.
Patricia and Jaslyn was about two steps away from the fight and they did not flee.

These two girls no bad. My respect for them grew from that instant.
Lester and three other bouncers dashed onto the dance floor.
“You alright?” Lester asked.
“Yeah. Make sure they don’t come bother us again tonight.” I said.
Lester nodded and immediately turned to give the other three bouncers instructions. They dragged the three men off the dance floor. Another bouncer, Jack stepped in and gestured for one of the waitresses to mop the small pool of blood off the dance floor.
“What now bro?” Ocean asked.
“What do you mean what now? Continue with our celebrations of course. Let’s dance!” I threw both my arms into the air and grooved to what remained of Macarena.
Shortly into our dance Mel commented, “Did you notice that everybody is looking at us.”
“Ya, like we fucking own this place.” Ryan continued.
“Huh?” I said.
“Can’t you see the look on their faces? I think they find us awesome.” Ocean said.
“I don’t get what you mean.” I said.
“How many people can continue to dance calmly straight after a fight, as if nothing happened?” Ocean asked.
“Aren’t we all doing it right now? What’s the big deal?” I was still puzzled.
“Oh, and by the way, that does not even qualify as a fight.” I narrowed my eyes and up-curved the edge of my lips.
“Don’t you feel anything?” Ocean asked.
I did not answer, because yes, I did felt something…I was having a hard on.
Damned. My mind cursed.

Dance, dance, shake away the horniness. I told myself.
But the erection did not subside. Maybe a glass will help. I thought.
I stepped out of the dance floor and moved towards our usual space. Lifted up my glass and drained it, closing my eyes to savor the burning sensation in my sinuses and throat.
“You ok?” Jaslyn asked.
“Oh, didn’t know you were behind me. Yes, I’m alright. Thanks.” I said, pouring another glass for myself.
“You know? I had always been fascinated by you, the things you said and the things you did.” She said.
“Huh? Such as?”
“I think you have strong resilience.” She said.
“How is that so?” I was curious. Resilience was not what I knew I had.
“Most guys would not be able to take rejections like how you did. And still maintained an air of coolness.” She said.
“Oh well, isn’t it suppose to be that way? I find a girl attractive, I make my approach…50% success-rate. But if I choose to just admire her beauty from a distant, then my chance is near to void.” I said.
“Won’t you feel embarrassed or afraid that people might laugh at you?” She asked.
“Have you ever witnessed someone tripped and fall?” I asked.
Jaslyn nodded.
“Can you remember the face?” I continued.
She shook her head.
“That’s right. No one is going to give a damn about it. Even if someone did remember, so what? At least I got the balls to try.”
Jaslyn let out a laugh, “My God…your thought process…really different.”
I shrugged and took another gulp of my drink.
“Back to earlier point, I meant to tell you that I was amazed by your moves just now. You took like…10 seconds? Maybe lesser, I think.” She commented.
The flashback of the earlier incident set my neurons vibrating…violently, and I got an involuntary erection again.
Damned…damned, damned! Not again. My mind lamented.
I consciously slowed down my breathing to counter my hastened heartbeats.
“What happened? Are you alright?” Jaslyn asked.
“Some body reactions. Think it’s called post-alpha state or something like that.” I said, trying to stay calm.
“Oh, Alpha State of Mind. That explains your speed and accuracy.” She said.
“You know about that?” I was surprised.
She nodded.
“So you know how I am feeling right now.” I said.
“Not really. Can have different type of after-effects. Tell me. See if I can help.” She said.
“Horny. Think you can help?” I joked.
There was a brief silence.
“To be frank, I took a liking to you since we first met. And since tonight is your night, take it as a present from me…and for me.” She said.
I was momentarily stunned by her words.
“Thanks Jas. Let’s go now.” I said.
We left Ridley’s and checked into ANA Hotel.
I started taking off Jaslyn’s clothes the moment the room door closed behind us. We started kissing and at the same time shuffled in small steps towards the king-sized bed. The back of her legs touched the top of the mattress and our bodies fell directly onto it.
Wasting no time, I inserted my throbbing penis into her wet vagina. The tightness provided just the right friction for my liking. It didn’t take long before I withdrew and shot my load between her chests. That was when I had a good look at her two small breasts and slim body.
With the ejaculation, I let go of my support and collapsed flat beside Jaslyn. “Wake me up after you wash up. Then we join back with them. We’ll come back again later.”
Jalsyn acknowledged.

“Where did both of you go?” Patricia asked when she saw us walking back together.
Jaslyn did not answer.

As if realizing something, Patricia stared sharply at me, “You…did it with her?!”
I nodded.
“Why must you do that?!” Patricia raised her voice at me.
Turning to Jaslyn, “Of all the guys, why give it to him?! You know what kind of a guy he is right?!”
It suddenly occurred to me, a shocking one to be exact. “You gave your first time to me?!” I looked at Jaslyn.
She nodded shyly.
“What the…why didn’t you tell me just now?” I wasn’t sure if I should be happy or what.
Ocean stepped in, “What’s done is done. Its Jas’s choice. Let’s just leave it like that.”
Patricia finished her drink in one gulp and let out a long sigh. “Guess I just have to let it be.” and she sigh again.
“Ya…it’s one of the stages in life. And both are willing parties. Let’s also celebrate Jas’s new status. Let’s drink to that! Cheers!” Mel raised his glass. We followed suit.


Later that night/morning, Jaslyn and I returned for another session of love-making. I took the effort to take it slow, mindful to make her feel good to the best of my knowledge in sexonomy.
To be frank, I did not enjoy doing it with her. Our second session was just my wish to make her feel good…more like a return of present to her for giving me her virginity.
We checked out before dawn. I sent her back before making my way home to prepare myself for the next stage of my life.
Thanks Jas. Wish you well. – VV Cold

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