Passing Clouds

#19 The girl who cried “Rape!”

I was accused of rape. Find out how it starts and how it ends…

Jonas, my ex-colleague started an open-air concept mini cafe/pub. Situated on a large link bridge between Marina Square and Pan Pacific Hotel, the location added novelty to the already unique concept.

I liked the serenity that the location offered, especially in the evenings. Sometimes, I would bring one of my new girlfriends there to show the stable and peace-loving side of me. There were also times when my clique would have some safe drinking…coffee or anything non-alcoholic. Often times, we also used the cafe as a meeting point where we would warm ourselves up with a couple of beer before proceeding to burn our livers in the discos later. The mentioned activities were our subtle effort to support Jonas’ business.

Sometimes, I would see Ginny helping out at the cafe. Her boyfriend, Leo partnered Jonas for the cafe.

One cooling afternoon, I was sucked into the development of Canonization Of The Deities (封神演义)and oblivious to the surrounding when I heard a voice from behind me.

“You can read Mandarin?”

Damned! My mind cursed at the disruption and also for my poor situation awareness.

“Yes.” I replied.

“You don’t look like one who reads, that’s one…and two, you’re reading a Chinese book. Could not imagine that.” She commented.

I laid the book on the table. “There was this saying: “The sky is so vast, and yet planes can still clash into one another.” Thus there will always be many things beyond our imaginations.

Ginny looked dazed for a brief moment, then I saw her eyes sparkled and she broke into a smile. I sensed something from the way she looked at me and knew what it could lead to.

Damned! Prevention is better than cure. Avoid!!!

“I’d like to have another cappuccino. Thanks.” I picked up my book and continued from the page where I left off.

Ginny came back shortly and place the aromatic beverage on my table.

“Those girls who came here with you, are they your colleagues?” She queried.

Seen any guy hold hands with every of his female colleagues?” I said without looking up, with an attempted arrogance in my tone.

You mean they are your girlfriends? They don’t mind about it? How do you manage?” She continued.

I put my book on the table once more, took a deep breath, while thinking how to cut the conversation short in the most polite way.

“Woah, slow down. Answer one, yes. Two, those who minded are now my exes. And as for the last question, I guess, I managed by thinking ahead.” I answered.

I tried my best not to have eye contact with Ginny. Truth be told, I did find her pretty. She took a strong resemblance to a Hong Kong actress, Shu Qi. I may be promiscuous but there are certain doings that I refrained from. It would not be nice to be involved with my ex-colleaguess business partner’s girlfriend. ←The description itself was already a mouthful.


26 Jul 98, Night.

I was surprised to pick up a call from Ginny. She asked to join me after learning that I was alone at Ridley’s Disco. And I agreed without thinking much about it.

Jack, one of the bouncers guided Ginny to where I was sitting. On his way out, he made sure I noticed him glanced at my groin.

“You must be very special there.” Jack quipped.

“Yup. ES-specially small.” I replied in jest.

Jack let out a hearty laugh as he stepped out of our usual space.

“They allow you to have this place all by yourself?” Ginny queried.

“It is reserved for my group every night. They will release this space if none of us turn up by 10pm.”

Alice, one of the waitresses came in to take order. Ginny asked for a glass to share my jug of Long Island Tea. When Alice threw me a quick wink before stepping out, I face-palmed myself.

“What happened? You forgot something important?” Ginny asked.

“Does your boyfriend know that you are here tonight?” I asked.

“No.” Ginny shrugged.

“I want you to give him a call now. Tell him where you are, and be sure to let him know that I am also here.” I instructed.


“I believe you know what kind of a person I am. It is not good for you to be seen drinking here with me. I think it is better that you inform your boyfriend before he hears it from others.” I said.

I understand. I’ll call him now.”

I felt relieved when Ginny showed me an okay sign after she returned from the payphone.

Why should I care in the first place? I questioned myself. But then again, I just did. Maybe I’m not as screwed as I thought. Or so I thought.

We chatted, danced to a couple of numbers and had some more Long Island Tea. It was quite a fun night and I enjoyed Ginny’s company.

Jonas and his wife suddenly appeared near midnight. I was pleasantly surprised to see them. But from the looks on the faces, they did not appear likewise.

“Why did you date her?!” Jonas questioned. “You know, when Leo learnt that she was with you, he immediately downed half a bottle of Jack Daniels and started crying.

Really?! I have such power?! Though I was unhappy with Jonas’ tone, I could not help but felt amused by that thoughts.

“Look. I did NOT date her.” I retorted. “How far apart were we seated from one another when you first saw us just now? It showed something right?”

And, just so you know, I was the one who asked her to inform her Leo. Ok?!” I concluded.

The couple were quiet.

“You have my cellphone number, you could have…” A sudden realization stopped me short.

This guy you call friend don’t even trust you. See what happens when you try to be nice? Haven’t you learn your lesson you idiot?! Remember Rosa?! Remember Sheena?! My mind reproached my mind.

Disappointments, regrets, hatred, sadness and worst of all…emptiness came in all at once. Add the effects of alcohol and I have an emo me x10.

I drew a few deep breaths to get a hold of myself.

Turning to Ginny, “It had been an enjoyable night. But you saw what happened. See what a bad reputation I have? Even my close friend could not trust me on that. So, maybe you want to leave with them? Go back to take care of your boyfriend.”

“And you?” She asked.

“I’ll stay for awhile more. I need to reflect on this trust thingy.” I answered.

Jonas looked uneasy upon hearing my emphasis on that word. As for Ginny, she seems to be in her thoughts at that moment.

“Both of you go back first. I’ll go back on my own later.” Ginny asserted.

The couple was about to persuade her to go with them when Ginny looked them straight in their eyes, “Don’t you TRUST me?!” The tonality, a mixed of defiance and anger.

The couple turned to leave without saying another word.

For the rest of that night, Ginny sat close by my side trying to create talking points, to which, I responded with short phrases. Majority of the time, I was downing drinks and deep in my own sad thoughts.

We left slightly before Ridley’s closing time.

“I think it is best you go back on your own.” I told Ginny.

“What about you?” She asked.

“I’ll take a break there.” I turned to face ANA Hotel.

“Can I join you for the night? I did not bring my house keys and do not want to disturb my folks at this hour.”

I nodded and turned to walk towards the hotel lobby.

I asked for a room that had two single beds. Once in, I asked Ginny to make herself at home while I collapsed onto one of the beds.

My slumber was disrupted when I heard Ginny calling out from the bathroom. She asked for me to pass her a towel. I dragged my tired body off the bed to search for the towel, in vain. I walked towards the bathroom wanting to tell her to hold while I call for room service.

Damned! I was jolted awake when I saw the bathroom door wide open. Ginny was standing in the bathtub with steamy water falling onto her slim naked body. A mischievous smile flashed on her face when she saw my stunned look.

Was it her usual bath habit to leave the door open, or was it done on purpose?

Fuck!!! The towel was in the bathroom all along, you fool! It suddenly dawned on me.

I was about to turn away when another thought came in, She wants you. And since nobody trust you, there is no need to live up to it.

I removed my clothes and joined Ginny under the hot shower. I hugged her tight and kissed her like a hungry hog. She reciprocated.

While kissing her neck, I felt strong jugular throbs beating back onto my lips. As I worked my way down, Ginny pulled her shoulders back slightly offering her bosoms, in anticipation of my mouth moving towards one of her breasts.

Not so soon girl. I thought. I reversed the direction up to lick behind her left ear lobe. I felt her drew in a long breath before letting out a soft “Ahh”.

My fingers caressed her body but avoided touching her breasts. I detoured my finger tips towards her inner thigh instead of her vagina. I enjoyed seeing the mixed reactions projected through her facial expressions and body movements…innate, unmasked and primitive. The visuals caused a sharp increase in my heart rate.

Hornified, I lifted Ginny and walked out of the bathroom. I let our wet naked bodies hit one of the beds. Ginny trembled the moment my fingers touched her vagina. It was wet and slippery. No additional foreplay required. I mounted above her for the moment she was waiting for. Holding my erected penis, I thought to myself, Lucky girl. Got to enjoy the night.

I inserted slowly. It felt fitting. I made a few thrusts to lube up before picking up pace. Ginny pursed her lips, seemingly trying to contain her moans.
After what felt like a long while, I grinded to a halt. I thought her juice would be helpful but I did not manage to build up for ejaculation.

“Effects of alcohol.” I said in between pants.

“Its ok.” Ginny smiled.

Of course its ok for you. I thought. The longer I take to come, the more you enjoy.

“Let me take a short break.” I said as I lay by her side.

I fell asleep instantly.

The alarm from my cellphone rang my consciousness back. As I dragged myself to sit up, I saw that Ginny was already awake. Our eyes met. Instantly, I remembered that we had an unfinished business. Also at the same moment, the unhappy thoughts clouded my head once more.

I flipped the blanket aside to expose her naked body. Despite the unhappiness within, I still found brain-width to enjoy the view of Ginny’s slim body. I gave her left nipple a gentle pinch, and watched it turned from pink to a light tone of beige as it hardened.

“Let’s continue.” I said while I spread her legs apart.

It was a stronger re-entry and once I felt that it was sufficiently wet, I went high speed with hard thrusts, not for her enjoyment but for me to swiftly close the loop.

I released my overnight frustrations deep into her body, and kept myself inside her for awhile more before withdrawing out.

“You shot inside? You not afraid?” Ginny asked.

“Yes. And No.” I replied while turning to walk to the bathroom.

I took a quick shower.

“I’ll make my way back to my office first. You can have this room till 11 o’clock.” I told Ginny.


Fast-forward three weeks…

I was summoned to Maxwell Police Station. Not unexpected as I caught wind about the investigations. Ginny had accused me of rape.

As a matter of fact, I was positively sure that I was in the clear when I received the call from the Investigating Officer. Because, if it was otherwise, the police would had made an arrest instead.

By the end of the investigative interview, the officer shared with me the evidences retrieved from the hotel CCTVs. Ginny was lying the police would proceed to prosecute Ginny.

Ginny and I made headlines in our local newspapers. Ginny was served a six-weeks jail term for false accusation.

Apparently, Ginny spun the lie because Leo kept pressing her where she had spent the night, that night.

For me, I had a different set of challenge to face…
Knowing the character that I was, Moon was not very affected when I shared the occurrence. I was lectured for about two hours and that was all.


Thinking back…

Had I regretted drilling Ginny? As I reflected, I would be sorry if I did not.

Picture the whole scenario whereby Ginny and I checked into the hotel, minus the intercourse.

Now, change her accusation to attempted rape or outraging her modesty in her drunken state.

Imagine the trouble I would have to go through to prove my innocence. And thank goodness I chose ANA Hotel that night, those CCTVs were my lifesavers.

Armed with my new experience that reinforced my crooked beliefs. Moral shackles like refrain, restrain, resist…all dropped from my dictionary. I was unleashed!

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