Passing Clouds

#17 Lis: Vindiction

Every action, has a reaction. What did we cause? What were the effects? Read on to find out about our Karma…

Damned! It’s her! My mind exclaimed when I saw Lis walking through the entrance to Europa Ridley’s.

Her appearance disrupted my plan for a peaceful drinking session with my colleague, Nick.

I gestured for Nick to follow my view. “See that girl over there? The one with long curly hair.”

Nick nodded. “Why? Don’t tell me you are interested in her.”

“Yes I am. But not the type of interested that you had in mind.” I said.

“I don’t get it.” Nick said.

“Last September, we celebrated Mel’s birthday right here. I was already pissed drunk that night, you know, like you wake the next morning wondering what happened the night before type?”

“Yup. I know.” He replied.

“My then-girlfriend Jen, told me this woman, her name is Lis by the way, she kept pushing drinks to me. To the point where she would literally push the glass right onto my mouth and forced it down my throat.” I said.

“Sounded more like she was trying to kill you. You offended her or what?”

“Not that I can remember. But by doing that to me, she had made an enemy out of me.” I said.

“So, what do you intend to do to her?” He asked.

I paused for a moment. “Haven’t thought about it yet. Let me observe her for awhile first, then we see how.”

About half an hour later.

“She seems to be alone.” Nick said.

“Hmm…Let me go check her out.” I stood up from my seat.

While walking the distant towards Lis, I slowed my breathing and steps to tune my mind towards positivity. Girls can be sensitive to non-verbal signs, especially hostile energies.

Approaching from her front, I smiled, and lifted up my right palm into a ‘hi’ the moment she looked towards my direction.

“Hey, good to see you here.” I said.

Lis replied with a smile.

“Waiting for friends?” I asked.

“Yes. She should be on her way here.” Lis said.

“I see. Is that Vodka you drinking?” I asked.

Lis nodded.

“It was said that only strong women drink Vodka.” I said.

“Really?” She straightened her back.

I gave her a wink before walking back to Nick.

“So how?” Nick asked.

“She is expecting another female friend. So here’s my plan…we each take one later. I let you choose first.” I said.

“For?” Nick looked puzzled.

“For fuck of course.” I answered.

“Literally?” Nick asked.

“Literally.” I answered with a resolute nod.

“Is this the only way? Because I don’t do this stuff.” Nick said.

I paused to think for a moment, Guess I may have to do it myself.

“It’s only a tentative idea. We’ll see how, and take a step at a time.” I said.

The more I looked at her, the more I find her nice looking. Damned! I hard palmed my right temple. What’s wrong with you? This is not going to be a relationship ok?!

Then it occurred to me that the mental state of liking Lis was actually a good thing. At least that emit positive energy.

Turning to Nick, “You ok to be alone here for awhile?”

“Sure. Why?”

“I’m going to try something. You help yourself to the drinks. There are still few bottles safe-kept under my name if you want more.” I said.

Nick nodded. I made my way towards Lis.

Standing beside Lis, “Your friend not here yet?”

“Ya, not yet. In fact, you knew her too.” She said.

“Oh, is it? Who?” I asked.

“The one who you all called Dinosaur. In fact, I was quite angry with you all for making fun of her like that.” She said.

“That was mean of them to call people names.” I shook my head.

Lis looked at me, “You were the biggest culprit.”

“Oh, that is really bad of me. I must be drunk then. I think I should offer my apology to her when she comes.” I said.

“That won’t be necessary. You already paid for it.” She said.

“Really? Didn’t even realize that it happened. When?” I asked. And instantly realized why she did what she did to me during Mel’s birthday celebration.

Lis did not answer and just gave me a smile.

Afraid to admit your wrongdoing to me? That is the very reason I’m talking to you now. Said my inner voice.

“You know? You kind of fascinated me. First, by what you drink, which I already told you earlier. Second, by the ability to sit alone here, it said something about your confidence.” I commented.

“Is that so? Tell me more about it.” She responded.

I got Alice, one of the waitresses, to bring in a bottle of Vodka that was safe-kept under my name.

Over drinks, I spouted positives about Lis. Reinforcing to her about her innate strengths, the confidence to be alone at disco and her quick-wits in understanding riddles that I dished out.

True to the saying, “People like people who likes them”. Except, of course, whatever I said was pile of bullshit. They were meant to condition her mind to get comfortable with me, and finally leading her to my desired eventual.

Through our conversations, I learnt that Lis was about four years younger than me. I would preferred girls who were elder than me, if not of same age. But for the sake of getting back, I was willing to make the little compromise.

Lis disclosed that she had a boyfriend and they had been together for slightly over a year.

Well, that’s not going to deter me. In fact, the thought of adding guilt to her mind motivated me further.

Thanks to Vodka, which was known to alter mood, our jovial conversations turned into a heart-to-heart talk when the topic touched on gender inequality. She got emotional when she shared about losing favor from her parents after the birth of her younger brother. She faced unfair treatment at work as well. And the good thing – for me – was, her boyfriend was not understanding towards her situation. He would always brush her off whenever she needed a pair of listening ears.

Men are from Mars. I smiled at that thought, thanking myself for investing time in reading.

Putting my active listening skill and fake empathy toward her plight, I inched bit by bit into her emotions. In about an hour or so, we were hugging and kissing each other, oblivious to the fact that Dinosaur stood Lis up.

When it was time to go, Nick, out of goodwill, offered to give Lis a lift home.

Our hands started feeling each other’s body up and down as soon as we boarded the back seat of Nick’s car.

I slipped my hand into her blouse and under her bras to feel her breast one at a time. Seeing no resistance, I flipped her blouse and pushed her bras above her chests to expose her perky breasts. It turned me on to see her – still buckled – cotton bras crumpled above her breasts. I tongued her left breast while my right hand went under her mini skirt to give her crotch a slow massage. Lis started moaning.

In the midst of our actions, I caught sight of Nick watching our performance through the rear-view mirror.

“Our lives are in your hands bro. Watch the road ya?” I leaned forth to turn the rear-view mirror upwards.

It was barely ten seconds and I realized the mistake of my action. Nick was alternating between turning his head back to steal quick peeks and watching the road. The car swerved once in awhile from Nick’s divided attentions.

Damned! I thought.

I pulled down Lis’s blouse, “Alright, no more. Eyes front.” I said. But beneath the fabric, I kept my right hand working on her breasts. Just to maintain the sexual connection with Lis.

At where Lis stayed, I saw construction materials lying below the blocks of flats. Looked like a new estate.

“You just shifted here.” I asked.

“Yes, few months back.” She said.

A plan came up in my mind.

“I’ll send you up, just to be safe.” I said.

Lis nodded.

“It may take awhile.” I winked at Nick.

Lis pressed the button for the thirteenth storey. As soon as the lift door closed, I pulled Lis towards me and we started kissing wildly till we reached the destinated storey. We stopped momentarily when the lift door opened. Lis was about to walk out but I stopped her, holding her tight.

“Huh?” She looked surprised.

“Wait.” I let out a cheeky smile.

When the lift door closed once more, I groped her breasts.

She turned her head and gave me a smile, “Don’t tell me you…”

“Yes, here.” I did not wait for her to finish her words.

I unzipped my pants with one hand while simultaneously pushed Lis’s upper body forward with the other. With her body slightly bent forward, she supported herself by pressing both her arms onto the wall. I reached under her mini skirt to pull down her panties thigh low. The fabrics showed a patch of her fluid.

She let out a soft “Ah!” when I inserted my hole-puncher in one swift move. She started making sounds in sync with my movements. Forcefully in and pulling out slow. The lift shook slightly with every of my thrust.

A great satisfaction ran through my body, and if there is a phrase for every thrust, it would read like, “This is for force-feeding me the drinks…this is for making me puke…this is for my fucking hangover…”

Vindiction is fucking good…Literally. I thought.

Apart from driving her hard, part of my mind was wondering – without solution – on What if the lift door suddenly open?

Well, not my problem. I don’t stay here. Lis would have to face whoever who would press the lift, be it her neighbors or her folks.

Both my hands went from the side of her hips to under her bras to cup her breasts. In fact, I was squeezing them harder than I normally would.


Well, first, I don’t really care to make her feel good. It was meant to be a punishment…my way of punishment of course.

Second, and for practical needs, I was leveraging on pulling her breasts to drive her body towards my hard thrusts, creating a double quick-time whammy to build up for ejaculation. Quickly get over with it, with minimal exposure to the uncertain environment.

The pressure built up quickly as I wanted and I shot my full load inside her. Once I felt the effects of post-ejaculations subsided, I withdrew and zipped up.

Lis looked worried as she pulled up her panties. I knew what caused the look but I just shrugged and gave her a I-don’t-give-a-damn smile.

“That was for making me suffer the other night.” I said.

There was a moment of shock in her eyes, which slowly turned into an angry stare. I reciprocated by maintaining a sly smile.

Lis walked straight out of the lift without turning her head. I pressed the button for the ground floor.

Once seated at the front passenger seat, “You have tissue papers?” I asked Nick.

“You fucked her?” He asked.

“Tissue paper first.” I repeated.

“Oops, sorry. Here you go.” Nick held out the tissue box.

I pulled out two pieces, “This is the part that I don’t enjoy.” I said while wiping the mess off my limpy wormy.

“Wow, where did you do it?” Nick asked.

“In the lift.”

“You are not afraid that someone will press the lift?” He continued.

“Yes. But at this hour, probability is low. And too bad if that happened. My aim was to punish her. Doesn’t matter whether I shoot or not.” I said.

“I presumed you came.” He said.

I nodded. “Inside her.” I said with a teeth-flashing smile.

“What?!” Nick exclaimed.

I stuck my right index finger into my closed-up left hand, “Inside.”

“What if she gets pregnant?” He asked.

“That would be her problem. Maybe her boyfriend can bear the responsibility? Who cares?” I shrugged.

“Man, you are really scary. What they said about you is true.” Nick commented.

“Don’t believe in what you heard. They are not true…I am worse than that.” I broke into a laugh.

Nick shook his head. “Ya, I am beginning to realize that.”

We chatted about the earlier hanky-panky in the car while we made our journey to send me back home.

I did not see Lis in Ridley’s since that night. Do I care then? The answer is obvious.

But then again, as I reflected, it was not the right thing to do. But what was done cannot be undone.


Sorry Lis. For what was done. – VV Cold

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