Passing Clouds

#10 Joanna

I have my suspicions, but I am not sure. Was she pregnant when we broke off? I really am not sure. This is our story…

3 Jul 1995, Tornado Disco with Ocean, Mel, Ryan and Ice.

I turned my head to take a glance when I noticed looks of ewe crept into their faces, Ice’s included.

No wonder. The pair of protrusions on her were indeed visual magnets.

What bra size do you all think she’s wearing?” Mel asked.

Their guesses were varying numbers but generally around higher end of thirty.

Not making a guess?” Mel looked at me.


Thought you are a breasts person.” Mel commented.

Not a fan of big boobs. Hard to grasp. Dance anyone?” I stepped towards the dance floor.

Shortly after, Ice came to me at the dance floor, “That Beatty Boobs we saw just now? She came with this Eddie guy and gang. Her name is Joanna. They settled at the table beside ours.”

Oh, ok.” I nodded.

Eddie was our ex-colleagues. He is doing very well now, in the private loan business. A sea-creature.” I shared.

While we were walking back to our seats, Ice turned to me, “Does Eddie really has two assholes?”

I chuckled. “Who told you that sis?”

Mel passed that remark.” Ice said.

Let me guess…Here comes Eddie with two assholes?” I recited.

Yes! So he really has two assholes.” Ice said.

Mel was referring to his two so-call bodyguards.” I laughed.

Damned!” Ice gave herself a face palm.

Damned! She talks like me now.

When we were back at the table, Eddie stepped forth to me.

No girlfriend tonight?” Eddie asked.

Before I could answer, he continued, “See that gorgeous girl over there? I’m sure I beat you this once.”

Was that a challenge?” I looked coldly into his eyes.

Eddie’s eyes blinked a few blinks, “No lah, just kidding.”

It’s a challenge. The corner of my right lips curved up slightly upon that thought.

“Are you not going to introduce your catch?” I asked.

“Sure. Of course.” Eddie responded. There was a hint of reluctance in his words, but, Gotcha Eddie.

While Eddie was about to make the introduction, I extended my right hand, “Hi Joanna.”

Joanna showed a brief moment of surprise but maintained her cool and shook my hand.

Both of you…knew one another?” Eddie asked.

In the split second before Joanna could respond to Eddie, I made a soft tuck on Joanna’s hand to bring her attention back to me, “Don’t you think it is more than a coincidence that we are both wearing denim jumpers tonight.”

And same color tees. If I didn’t know earlier, I might have thought both of you are a couple.” Ice cut in.

I enjoyed the glimpse of mixed expressions on Eddie’s face. Eddie, Eddie, you opened the range, I shoot. Simple as that.

Ice made her own introduction with Joanna and I let her work on Joanna while I excused myself for a smoke break.

Ice joined me while I was lighting up my third stick. “Ok, Joanna is twenty-four. She is the eldest in the family and has a pair of younger twin brothers. She works as a Sale Exec and she is not attached.” Ice updated.

I listened quietly as I puffed away, building up few plans in between my ears.

Many pairs of eyes from other tables are on her. But I’ll create an opening for you. You will get her.” Ice broke my thoughts.

You sounded confident. Did you miss telling me something?” I queried.

Damned! Thought I’ll just leave that piece out. Well, she asked me if I was your girlfriend. When I told her that I am not, she asked if you are attached?” Ice said.

I told her you would be, if she goes with you. She broke into a smile after hearing what I said.” She continued.

Someone had been paying attention to my words.”

Of course lah. Picking up indicators and giving subtle suggestions are useful skills. Plus, I have to live up to being your evil twin.” She said.

“Yes, my lovely evil twin.” I kissed Ice on her forehead and we hugged for awhile.

Let’s get back in.” Ice said and we both flicked our cigarette butts onto the main road.

Back in the disco, while walking back towards our table, I was amused to see Eddie setting himself up as a defense wall in front of Joanna, against the bees buzzing around his flower.

She seems quite accustomed to such attention.” Ice commented.

I can see that. You sure you heard it right when she told you she’s not attached?” I joked.

Hello?!” Ice jabbed my rib cage.

I noticed Joanna’s eyes brightened the moment she saw us walked back. For a moment, my other mind almost wanted to play not-so-interested on her but decided against it. Didn’t want to risk a random John Doe cutting into my course of actions and make me regret it later. (See? I also have my fair share of insecurites.)

Come, let me save you away from the flies.” I winked at Joanna while extending my right hand as a gesture of invitation. She obliged.

You mean I’m a piece of shit?” Joanna asked jokingly.

Instead of responding to Joanna, I turned to Eddie, “See! You were wrong about her. Told you she’s not a bimbo!”

I spared Joanna two seconds to catch Eddie’s confused look, before leading her off onto the dance floor.

Thanks Divine you love reading. I told myself. #无中生有

He told you I’m a bimbo?!” Joanna asked me while we were shortly into the dance.

Nope. I made that up.” I said.

Joanna smiled and gave a light slap on my arm, “Naughty you.”

“How do you know my middle name?” I joked.

Joanna laughed and slapped my arm again.

We danced to a couple of more songs before walking back to our table, holding each others’ hand.

Upon seeing us back, Eddie moved forth and tried to explain himself to Joanna but in vain.

Knowing that he had lost, he suddenly turned and grabbed onto the left strap of my jumper, which I allowed on purpose.

What are you trying to do!” Joanna snapped at Eddie.

Mel, Ryan, Ocean and Ice immediately closed in.

Try.” Ocean said to Eddie in a low tone.

Yeah, please try. My mind hoped. I was looking forward to watch how it would end for Eddie and his two assholes.

Eddie loosened his grip and turned to leave in anger.

You alright?” Joanna asked.

Ya, what happened?” Mel queried.

Tantrums I guess.” I shrugged.

More like jealousy. Right? Da Sao.” Ice said to Joanna who responded with a shy smile. (Da Sao – 大嫂 literally means sister-in-law)


Our first date happened the night after. I vaguely remembered that we went strolling along East Coast Beach. I cannot remember what I said to Joanna that triggered her to kiss me passionately. Feeling no sign of resistance when I touched her left breast over her white sleeveless blouse, I proceeded to unbutton her top.

On the third button, my mind was like, She’s wearing half-cups? And when I released the fourth, her ivory-white breasts jumped out of her clothes like jack-in-the-box.

Braless! My mind screamed. Okay, keep your cool, stay calm. I told myself.

38D?” I asked while I circled my thumb lightly around her pink areola.

Joanna nodded.

I could see from her facial expression that she enjoyed my touch. And the exotic visuals were causing physiological reactions in my body. There was only one think (thing) in my mind then.

Come. Follow me.” I said.

Joanna obliged.

Back at my place, I led her straight into the bathroom. We stripped ourselves down for a wash up.

Joanna started moaning the moment I massaged her full bosoms in circular movements. And when I fingered her, I could not tell whether the slippery feel was from her or the shower foam.

I turned her around to lean her against the wall and inserted my already erected penis.

Damned! Her butts are so well-toned. I liked what I saw especially when it was viewed in totality with her slim waist.

It didn’t take me long before I withdrew and released onto her lower back. Watching my cum slipped between her butt-crack while it was being washed down by the warm falling shower was disgustingly satisfying.


Despite the fact that she was obliging to how I liked sex with her to be, a fortnight was as long as it took before the novelty of Joanna’s assets wore off. Yes, she was nice to me. Yes, she doted on Tris my younger sister, but I just did not want her company anymore. I stopped contacting her in the hope that she will forget me as time went by.

But nope, it didn’t work the way as I wanted. What I did not take into account was that she had fallen for me.


I remembered it was a weekend. I was watching TV programme when she appeared at my door steps holding a pen-knife.

I will make you regret it.” Joanna said before turning to walk away.

Regret? Not in my dictionary. I ignored and continue watching the TV programme.

Da Ge, think you better go take a look. What if she really kill herself.” Tris said. (Da Ge –  大哥 literally means Elder brother)

A person determined to die will not come all the way here for the act.” I assured.

True, but you need to at least settle her. If not she may come once in a while to create a scene. Mum will not be happy if she finds out.” Tris reasoned.


True to what I expected, Joanna was standing near the stairs and slashed her wrist the moment she saw me approaching. My eyes caught sight of the cut and knew it was not fatal. I made my move and managed to snatch the thirty-cents pen-knife from her hand.

I don’t give in to threat. Understand!” I shouted.

But you stopped calling back suddenly. I have things to tell you. You know how painful loving you is?” Joanna said in between sobs.

After a brief moment, I took a deep breath to calm myself before saying, “You know? When one resorts to suicide, it is not call Love anymore. How can you love someone when you cannot even love yourself, and your life?”

And if you need a closure, then let me tell you…I am not one you should waste your time on.” I continued.

I don’t think so. You have been nice to me and I love you for that. Tell me, don’t you at least have a little love for me?” Joanna asked.

No.” I answered coldly.

Joanna burst into more tears.

I’ve made myself clear. So now, please leave.” I said.

You are a heartless man. I hate you!” Joanna shouted before dashing off, leaving behind some tears and a drop of blood.


I bumped into Joanna about two months after we broke off. We did not acknowledge each other, and she seemed to have put on some weight.

As I reflected many years later, I had the suspicion that she could be pregnant then. But there was no way I could find out.



I know Sorry won’t help. But still…Sorry Joanna.
Wish you well.

– VV Cold


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