Peak Nights: Nights that I don’t party

Frankly speaking, every night is a party night to me.
But not Peak Nights: Wednesday, Friday & Saturday?
Here’s why:
Back in the 90s, many famous discos & pubs in Singapore made Wednesday, Ladies’ Night.
Friday & Saturday are weekends. So, no further explanation needed right?
These were what I call Peak Nights of the week.
So what? You may ask.
Aren’t those nights when most people would go partying? Doesn’t more girls equates to more chances for the guys?
Seems logically so. Most guys who believe the above-mentioned statement as true will gather their wing men and off to the Ladies’ Night.
And that’s where the challenges arise.
For such peak nights, girls don’t usually go alone. Most boyfriend who are in their right frame of mind will want to party together with their girlfriend. A mutual preventive measure I guess.
And there are also the all-girls groups.
After we minus the above-mentioned categories, can you see that the demand/supply ratio is now reversed.
The girls now have more choices.
What will the odds of success be for the guys?
Sure, some guys may get lucky, but most ended the night singing verses of the song by Akon: “Lonely…I am so lonely…I got nobody…to call my own…”
As we all understand, Off-peak = Less people.
From personal experience, during off-peak nights, I get to enjoy more attention & service from the waitress/waiter.
Live band – if there is – will play most songs that I dedicate. Song dedications can be put to good use at later stage of the courtship. I may probably write one on this if there are enough requests.
You might be thinking, “Won’t the female patronage be low during such nights?
Let’s take it as a yes for now. But consider these…
The number of male patronage will also be low.
What is the likely mental state of girls who patronize the club on an off-peak night?
Do you think they expect to be approached by guys?
Most probably not. Which also means their defense will most likely be low.
And this is from my experience, those girls who go during off-peak are actually quite good-looking. No joke.
Here’s what I think. Because most guys assume that pretty girls are attached, they don’t even want to take the first approach. That’s why we see many pretty girls who are still unattached.
In summary, partying during an off-peak nights significantly raise the odds of success.
And please, don’t take my words for it. Go and see for yourself. You will be amazed.

Taking the road less traveled doesn’t only mean taking another road. It can also mean taking the same road…at a different time.” – VV Cold
Till the next post, take good care of yourself.
Namaste 🙂

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