The butterfly story

A colleague shared this story with me. I believe there are substances within for us to ponder. So here goes…


For Science project, a kid had to record the life-cycle of a butterfly.
The kid was given a caterpillar. As time passes, under the care of the kid, the caterpillar grew into a pupa.
The pupa continued to develop and started weaving cocoon to prepare for the transformation.
Days later, the kid noticed a small gap on the cocoon and knew that the time has arrived.
The kid watched in anticipation for the butterfly to emerge.
As the primary care-giver, the kid developed a connection with the soon-to-be butterfly.
The kid felt his heart ached watching the pupa trying to squeeze itself through the small gap.
Out of care, concern & perhaps, a little bit of impatience, the kid decided to help by peeling away the cocoon.
As the cocoon was removed, the kid was shocked to realize that his intervention disrupted the transformation process.
The pupa did not turn into a butterfly. In fact, the only part of it that looked like a butterfly was it’s head. Imagine a small head with a big body. It had to spend the rest of it’s remaining life crawling.
As nature has it, the pupa needs to push through the small gap to force the liquid within its body to form the wings. A struggle it had to go through in order to fly.


Like it or not, struggles are part of the process that makes us stronger. Going through life without struggles or challenges will –most often than not– cripple us.

Likewise, as parents, do we subject our children to struggles, so that they may grow and do well in life?

Till the next post, wish you all well.


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