Passing Clouds

#06 Nicole

She was extremely nice to me, but I just could not get past this thoughts about her…What about her? This is our story…

Jan 1994, Europa Tornado

Seeing that I was drinking alone, Zac the DJ introduced his god-sister, Nicole to me.

Damned, is that Whitney Houston I’m shaking hand with? Of course not. It was my Martell-clouded mind.

Nicole ordered a new bottle as soon as she noticed the one on our table near bottom. I was impressed when she paid for it on the spot. Most girls would expect guys to pay.

I enjoyed conversing with Nicole. She was candid in sharing her point of view and what I liked about her was, behind her frankness, I could sense a hint of humor. It was hard to pin-point or pen it down in dialogues. I could only say, “I could feel it.” Chatting with her was like chatting with a good old buddy. I felt comfortable and relaxed.

So, Nicole was a Eurasian. Her parentage was of American and Singapore Indian.

Time flew fast for me that night. We exchanged pager numbers before parting and promised to contact each other soon. I looked forward to meeting her up again.

Our subsequent few dates did not materialize. Either because she was busy or from myself facing a little physical constraint, courtesy of Estee.

And another time — also because of Estee — I had to change our meet up from Tornado to another location at the last minute.

That night, Nicole brought me to a disco called Xanadu in Shangri-La Hotel. It was eye-opening for me to see all the bouncers there were female. From the way the bouncers showered Nicole with hugs, I could tell that she was more than a regular customer. In Xanadu, we drank, danced and told each other jokes. Nicole insisted on picking the tab for the night’s expenditure. Truth be told, I was not used to letting female pay for my drinks. But then again, I learnt to adapt.

By the end of that night, Nicole invited me to her place. I liked her direct approach. I agreed.

Wilkie Mansion was not far from Xanadu, Nicole shared that she was staying alone as her parents had gone back to the States.

Once in her place, she led me straight into her room. I was amazed to see full-length mirrors covering the four walls. Damned! I thought. Not in awe of the room setting, but more of a unsettling feel. I shook my head hard to shake away a certain scene from Basic Instinct. #Ice pick

Chill ya? This is going to be an exciting night. I assured myself. The thoughts gave me an immediate hard-on.

I pulled Nicole towards me and started kissing her wildly. Nicole reacted likewise as she pulled my shirt up with one swift move and I was topless in an instant. I gave her a forceful push and she landed onto her king-sized bed like a ragged doll. At that same instant, my eyes widened. Wait. What? Waterbed!!!

Nicole unbuttoned her top to expose her deep cleavage. I mentally prepared myself to deal with the impending disappointment when I recognized it was push-up bras she was wearing. No, that’s not a problem. These bras are the trend now. I told myself.

She undid her bras and it was comforting to see that her bosoms were fuller than I expected. I fondled her breasts for awhile before giving them a hard squeeze. Nicole let out a soft “Ahh.” But another truth be told, they felt a little too soft to my liking.

“Take off your jeans, I want to have a taste of you.” She said.

I complied.

She got up from the bed and started to lick my left nipple, leaving a saliva trail as her tongue glided vertically down my left rib-cage, my waist and stopped at the area between my inner thigh and scrotum. Totally bypassing my upwards-pointing organ.

I had this urge to stick myself into her, but I also wanted her to continue licking my inner thigh area. My inner thoughts was like, Shaft it in her mouth. No, insert below first. Wait, enjoy the ticklish…Damned! Make up your fucking mind!

Vagina first you idiot! You can enjoy any style you like after securing the fuck. Said my Fairy Cock Father. Kidding. It was me talking to myself.

Once I regained focus, I brought Nicole up from kneeling position to sit onto her bed. She stopped my hands from removing her mini-skirt and panties.

“Keep them on, I’m shy.” She said.

She wrapped her left arm around the back of my neck. My body followed as she lowered herself onto the bed. Once we were in missionary, her right hand pulled the left leg opening of her panties to create an opening.

“Enter slowly.” She said as she lifted her head slightly to kiss my lips.

As I guided my penis for insertion, it came into contact with her labia minora first. Despite that her vagina were already wet, her labia minora still felt rough. It occurred to me that Nicole must have felt insecure over how the overall of her vagina looked. Labia minora hyperthrophy is not a medical condition, it is just that the labia minora is sticking out of the vagina.

Sometimes, nature worked in an amazing way. The rough texture of her labia minora provided added feel to my penis. The ‘shiok’ feeling intensified with every thrust I made.

Needless to say, I did not last very long.

Nicole asked me to lie on the bed while she gently wiped off our body fluid from my limpy P.

Think this relationship should last quite awhile. I smiled upon that thought. And that was the last thing I remembered before the semi-waveless mattress lulled me to sleep.

For subsequent days that followed, it was just between office her place. Twice, she made breakfast for me. Thrice, I found my wallet a hundred dollars fatter. She secretly slipped the money in. The routine repeated for a week plus before the novelty started to wear out.


The Disclosure…

We decided to spend a night out at Tornado. Ice, my evil twin was also there and I proudly introduced Nicole to her. They chatted for awhile before Ice left us to join her friends at another table.

My clique of friends were surprised to see me after I went M.I.A for more than a week. Nicole merged in well with them almost instantaneously.

While I was making my way to the Gents, Ice pulled me to a corner. Once there, she put the back of her hand onto my forehead.

“Are you sick or something bro?” She said. Her tone sounded more like a comment than a question.

“Huh? What makes…” I barely managed half a sentence before she cut me off.

“You deprived of girls?”

“No. Why?” I said, my mind trying to process her questions.

“Cos, if you are horny, I will gladly let you do me. You know? We’ve come a long way.” She said.

“Umm…Are you drunk? Why say such things? I don’t understand your words at all sis.” I was confused.

Ice did not answer immediately. She was in her thoughts for a moment before she spoke again.

“Ok…Think I jumped too fast. Let me ask you…Do you know what Nicole works as?” She asked.

“No. Does it matter?” I asked.

“She works as a prostitute. Now, tell me if it matters.” She said.

I stared at Ice in silence, trying to make sense of her words.

“She works from home…Wilkie Mansion. One of my friends used her service before.” She continued.

Ice’s words hit hard onto my mind. The mirror covered walls, the waterbed, the way she waited upon me…the indicators pieced up well enough to support Ice’s claim.

Damned! I let out.

“Cool ah bro? No biggie. I believe you know how to deal with this one. I go join my friends first.” She padded my back before stepping away.

Actually, I was not too sure how to go about it. My mind was in a mess. There were still some other pieces that did not fit well into the picture.

I tried my best to act normal when I joined back with them. But I caught myself zoning out a couple of times that night. Nicole must had noticed the change because I felt concerns in her eyes when she looked at me.

Back at Nicole’s place.

“You had not been yourself tonight. Want to share with me what happened?” Nicole started.

“Tell me, what do you work as?” I went straight to the point.

Nicole went silent for awhile.

“Guess the truth will always come to light.” She said, sounding resigned.

Nicole related that her cousin, who also happened to be her childhood sweetheart went overseas for studies. Nicole worked hard to support in fulfilling her cousin’s aspirations. But she could barely make ends meet with her income. One of her friends who became aware of her situation, introduced her to be a social escort.

Being a woman, Nicole also had her needs. So, at times, she would oblige to clients with additional requests. She got to satisfy her needs, and along with it comes added earnings.

The satisfied clients, in turn recommended more clients to Nicole. Finding that she was not averse in providing such service, and with the large client base, she decided to strive it out on her own. She had not looked back since.

“My cousin graduated two years ago. He started working with a big company and had also gotten his green card. We would be holding our wedding in States some time early next year. I would be flying off to join him once I settle the administrations here.” Nicole said.

“Just to set your heart at ease…” Nicole opened one of her wardrobes and pulled out the top drawer. In it were three boxes of Durex 12 Count.

“I was safe until I met you.” She smiled.

I wasn’t exactly concern with that but her information helped.

Nicole suddenly fell silent.

“You know? I had always wondered what it would be like if we had met each other earlier…like, as early as during our childhood.” She said.

I did not answer.

“I have this strange feeling for you when we first met. Until today, I still could not figure it out. But I must say, you did leave your print in my heart.” She said.

“Like I said, soon I would be leaving here for good. I hope you could stay with me till then, but I’ll respect your decision.” She continued.

The air might be cleared, but I still had this mental barrier within me. I decided not to stay.

Although Nicole was smiling when she sent me to the door, her eyes showed otherwise. She gave me a long and tight hug before kissing me farewell.

Thank you for loving me Nicole. Wish you well. I said in my mind as I walked out of Wilkie Mansion.


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