Passing Clouds

#22 Chu

I met her while I was on an exchange programme in Guam. 14 days may not be a long period, but it etched well in my mind. Here’s our story…

Oct 1999, Guam

While we were walking towards Sand Castle, I turned to the team lead, Simone. “You guys go ahead. I’m not going in.”

“Why? Then where will you be going?” Franco, our 2nd lead asked.

I reserved my left-hand column to the first question, and jumped straight to the second, “I’d like to explore the area.”

“Ok, stay safe. Remember, this is not Singapore.” Simone reminded.

“Thanks. I’ll be back here before zero three hundred hours.”

“And try not to hurt anybody ya?” Franco winked.

“The choice was never mine.” I winked back.

Barely making ten steps and I heard my colleagues from behind, which sounded something like, “Hey, where you going? Come back.”

I waved my right hand without looking back.

Along Pale San Vitores Road, I saw a building. What caught my attention were the spread of dive pubs within the two-storey building named Park Arcade.

After exploring the lengths of the two storeys, I walked into H Club, the pub with the least patrons. One of the hostesses attended to me. She introduced herself as Chu. From our conversations, I gathered that H Club worked on a talking pub concept. Buy a drink for the hostess and she would stick around for a certain amount of time. The hostess’s drink cost 20USD per glass. Chu candidly shared that she would earn a percentage from the profit of the drink.

I can potentially go broke within a short time. I thought. But then again, I am free to exit if she drinks like no tomorrow.

About an hour into our chat, I had finished four packs of beer – which cost 5USD per pack by the way — but Chu barely touched her small glass of drink.

Not bad, this girl is very merciful to my pocket.

Maybe it was a weeknight, and having only a few patrons beat having none. I decided to stay for awhile. Not that I had places to rush to anyway.

Chu was from South Korea. She was twenty-five which made her a year younger than me. I considered her spoken English as fluent, except for the pronunciation of rice as rise.

Before the end of the night, I decided to make H Club my favorite haunt for the duration of my stay in Guam. As per my usual on places that I planned to return, I create imprints.

“Can I get a round of drinks for all the ladies in the house?” I asked Chu.

“Sure. But why?!” Her eyes suddenly widened.

“Why not? I like this place, and I like you.” I said.

I noticed the dilation in her pupils upon my words. Gotcha.

The girls gathered around me, each with a glass of drink in their hands. They took turns to introduce themselves and thanked me for the drinks. I did a quick QC…four Koreans and one from China. All pleasant-looking in their own images.

“All right girls, nice knowing you all. Please, resume whatever you were doing. Need not keep me company.”

The girls turned to look at each other.

“Please. It’s ok.” I flashed an assuring smile.

Only then, did the girls started bowing out. I observed appreciations from their eyes. Mission accomplished.

“They looked confused.” I whispered to Chu.

“I would be too.” Chu said.

I raised my eyebrows “Huh?”

“No one ever bought drinks for all the girls at one go.” Chu said. “And, not needing them around.”

I placed my hand gently over Chu’s. “I only need your company.”

Chu smiled and turned her palm up. Our fingers interlocked.

Subsequent two nights saw me spending time to understand more about Chu. She aspired to live in the States and was working hard to get a Green Card. I thought it was very courageous of her to venture into the unknown to chase her dreams. I respected her for that and I also began to develop a liking for her. Real liking, I mean.

My colleague Kelvin asked me one morning, “Eh, where have you been up to for the past two nights?”

“Pub. Why?”

“I’m bored. That’s why.” Kelvin replied.

“Thought you are all having fun hopping strip joints?” I asked.

“Yup, the problem with strip clubs…can see but cannot touch. It’s fucking suffering.” Kelvin said.

I chuckled.

“Think I’ll just go watch a movie tonight. I heard from our US counterparts that, Three Kings is quite a nice movie. George Clooney is one of the leads.” Kelvin said.

“Mark Wahlberg & Ice Cube too.” I said.

That night at H Club, I was in the mid of chatting with Chu when I noticed her attention shifted towards the club entrance. I turned around to see Simone, Franco, Kelvin, Yan, Willie, Joseph and Jordan walking towards me, smiling.

“Oh, my colleagues.” I told Chu.

“So, this is where you had been hiding these few nights.” Simone said.

I shrugged, smiled and invited them to sit around the table.

Willie explained that they were at Vikings earlier but visiting strip joints consecutively for few nights did blunt the novelty. They were making their way back when Kelvin spotted me in the pub. The rest was history.

“I see. Beer for all?” I offered.

They nodded.

While Chu was away to bring our orders, I explained to them the talking pub concept. Apparently, some of them knew about it. Guess I was not so well-informed after all.

“For those interested, there are five other girls to try your luck on.” I stated upfront.

By then, I was quite familiar with the hostesses. I took the effort to introduce everyone present — both my colleagues and the hostesses — to one another.

After a few rounds of beer, added in with some party games, the whole pub turned lively within a short while. So much so that the lady boss, whom the girls affectionately addressed as Eomma, also joined in the fun with us.

By the end of that night, we had two additional pairs: Franco with Hannah, and Yan with Gina. The rest were still works-in-progress. Though I was already quite tipsy, I could see the hunger projected on my colleagues’ faces and subtleties. I silently hoped the limited resources would not affect the relationship among my colleagues.

“Do you all want to continue at another location?” Hannah asked.

“I’m ok with that.” I said.

Franco and Yan agreed.

So the four of them packed into Hannah’s car while I took Chu’s. The rest would make their way back to the hotel.

Our second location turned out to be a two-storey bungalow. In the large hall, a 7-seats sofa set encircled a round coffee table. There were about 3 bedrooms on the ground floor and 4 bedrooms on the second. Chu shared that Eomma got the place to provide temporary lodging for newly arrived girls till they got their own rented place.

After serving us ice cold beer taken from the kitchen, the three girls went into a room to freshen up while Franco, Yan and myself continued drinking at the living room.

The girls joined us after what felt like half an hour later.

“Good night everybody.” Hannah said, and she led Franco into a room.

“Come, our room is this side.” Chu held onto my arm. I followed.

Once in the room, I wrapped my arms around Chu’s slim waist. I leaned my head forward to kiss the side of her neck while simultaneously took in a deep breath. The freshness of whatever shower gel that Chu used pleased my olfactory.

Chu turned to face me. At that moment, I realized that Chu was about half a head shorter than I. She wrapped her arms gently around my shoulders, we had a few pecks before sealing our lips into a kiss. Though we only knew each other for a few days, the connection I felt within was of someone whom I had known for a long time. Must be the past few days of long chats.

My hands on her waist moved down along the outer sides of her thighs. At the lowest edge of her dress, I lifted the soft fabrics upwards slowly, revealing her trimmed pubes, slim waist and a pair of cup As.

Chu unbuckled her bras while I lifted her dress over her head. I was satisfied with the visuals her body provided.

I ran the back of my right hand downwards along the left side of her neck, breast, waist, and gave her butt cheek a light squeeze. The firmness was just nice for my liking.

We laid down after Chu got me to my birthday suit. From the way Chu looked at me, to how her body moved, I knew she wanted me inside her pronto. I skipped the foreplay altogether. Though the was entry was smooth, I felt some level of tightness .

“It must had been quite awhile for you.” I commented.

Chu nodded.

I started with slow thrusts, and she started moaning.

Her moans turned to Arrrhs when I gradually increased the speed.

“They will hear you.” I whispered into her ears.

“Can’t…control…Arrrh!…” She struggled to talk.

“Arrrh! Fuck!” I let out when Chu gripped tight onto the sides of my waists. Her nails were pierced onto my flesh.

I went fast and rough, hoping to lose her grips. But her grips tightened in relative.

“Arrrh!” She let out and I almost joined in her chorus.

Forcing my mind beyond alcoholic effects and pain, I managed to accomplish a shot out, inside her.


In that same instant while I dwelled into my regretful thoughts, I felt her body trembled uncontrollably. The strong intermittent grips from her vagina caused spasmic waves, from penis, out to the rest of my body. I locked my elbows straight, so as not to collapse onto her petite body. Following which, I felt tingling sensations on both my feet. And my penis was throbbing in its own rhythm. I was no longer sure if I was still shooting out or what. All that went through my mind was, Damned! It was a fucking good one.

“When was your last period?” I asked. Yes, I know. Too late.

“I applied VCF.” Chu smiled.


“Spermicide, you know?” She said.

Wait, What?! Damned!

I nodded. An effort to hide my realization, my pleasant surprise, and my relief.

Note to self, keep sessions below 20 minutes. The effectiveness of spermicide lasts about half an hour.

Chu wiped our aftermath off my penis while I slowly slipped into dream land.

Early next morning, Chu sent us, three spent men back to our hotel.

Willie, another of my colleague, was proven right when he shared with me that, culturally, Korean girls are faithful, and care for their men.

And it soon showed…

“Go enjoy with your colleagues. Only come to the pub near closing time. Then we will go back home together.” Chu told me. I had been staying at her place since that night.

“Huh? Don’t you want me to spend more time with you?” I must admit I felt suspicious of her kind offer.

“Of course I do.” She said as she kissed me on my cheek.

“Eomma will not be happy if you don’t buy me drinks when you are here. She’s running a business after all. But I do not want you to spend your money like that. Might as well you go drink as much as you like outside. The drinks are way cheaper than here. Al-lassda?” Chu explained.

Al-lassda, nae salang.” I responded with a wink.

I did not really venture much despite the accorded freedom. I would do some reading or exercise before making my way to H Club.

Only twice, I went drinking at Toy’s Tavern with Larry, one of our foreign counterparts.


Most nights when we reached Chu’s place, it would be about 4am. We would take our showers and end our night with a session of love-making. Being able to shoot inside her without worry felt so liberating.

Chu liked to be on top when we made love. I let her be. That made our sessions sweat-less for me. At the same time, I could enjoy watching her full frontal, and at times, with added spices when she pinch-pulled her tiny nipples or squeezed her perky breasts while she rode me like she was a wild cowgirl. “Yee…haa!”

We also managed to spend two of her off-days together.

Once, at Tumon beach, baking ourselves under the ray while we strolled along the coast line, enjoying the scenic view of people and plants. I remembered that night clearly. I had this weird excitement just by seeing the bikini tan lines across her lean stature. Needless to say, I did not last very long.

The second time, Chu treated me to a sumptuous Japanese sashimi buffet after learning that it was one of my favorites. Think aphrodisiac.

On the day for my departure, Chu took the effort to wake up early, brought me for breakfast before sending me to the airport. If there was sadness in her, I did not detect it.

While I understood that there would be no happy ever after for us, I felt the heart-string tucking as my flight flew further away from Guam. It was not a super painful type but I did felt I left a part of me with Chu.



Hope you are doing well in life.
Kisses and misses. – VV Cold


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