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#21 Elaine: Drama drama

I was on a hiatus. But turned into a ‘vampire’ instead. #Entry by invitation. An episode with Ms Drama…

Late May 1999

Every once in awhile, I would take a short hiatus from heavy drinking and sleeping around. The period could range from few days to a month, depending on my mood.

During such breaks, I would catch up on my readings, movies or hang out in places that I don’t frequent. Basically, a change of pace for mental and physical recovery.

So, this episode happened when I was on one of such breaks.

I was sitting alone at the bar counter in a jazz club (can’t remember the name of the place).

The serenity of being alone was broken when she sat herself at the tall stool beside me.

“Hi, I’m Elaine.” She extended her right hand.

I shook her hand.

“You look lonely.” She commented.

Alone, but not lonely. I thought. But I did not speak my thought.

Instead, I curve my lips up into a short smile.

“Are you like…just out of a relationship?” She asked.

I was like a little surprised by her question.

What is this woman? A con-artist? I switched to Alert mode.

“What made you say so?” I asked.

“There is sadness in your eyes.” She said.

Did she just quote a lyric from Michael Learns to Rock’s  “That’s why you go away”? My mind chuckled.

“Are you a psychic or something? You are quite correct.” I complimented, simultaneously covered my outward-facing palms up my chest and shifting my upper-body slightly away in a joking manner.

She let out a laugh.

“You are an interesting person.” She commented.

“And you are scary.” I continued.

She laughed again.

“Let me go do my work and I’ll be back with you shortly.” She said.

Do her work? I was confused but happy to regain my peace.

She was seated beside me again in less than an hour.

“I saw you talking to the patronage, You own this club?” I asked.

“I wish. I am the PR here.” She said.

“I see.” I said, tuning my guards down a little.

“I think the company hired the correct girl. Job done in a flash.” I commented.

“Only for week nights.” She responded.

“I understand.” I said.

“Mind if I leave my drink with you?” She asked.


For the next few hours, Elaine would periodically made her rounds and be back by my side. I acknowledged the indicators.

By the overall physical appearance, I wouldn’t classify her as very pretty, but I also won’t need the aid of alcohol to trick my mind if I want to bed her. And moreover, I was not on the hunt.

Play vampire…Entry only by invitation. I decided.

Watching her socialize from table to table, I could feel a sense of familiarity. It felt like we had known each other from before. But my memory could not find any association. The funny thought of past life affinity came to my mind but I just flushed it off with a gulp of Shiraz.

“Will you be staying till the end of the night? Wait till I knock off from work. Can?” She asked before I could even answer her previous question.

“Sure.” I replied.

She smiled and kissed me on my cheek.

Alright, you asked for it. My mind thought.

We took a cab back to her place.

Near her doorstep, she put her index finger onto her lips. “Rule by my renters, cannot bring guy back.” She whispered.

Ooh, a journey to forbidden sex. I imagined. The excitement caused an instant hormone stir.

As we tip-toed into her, I imagined Pink Panther theme music playing in my head.

Stripping her down proved to be a test of my patience. She had multiple layers of clothes on. Four pieces on top and three pieces below, if I don’t count her ankle socks.

Reminded me of an experience I had 5 year prior with this girl named Estee.

In consideration of keeping our sex-niture low, I made a quick one with Elaine and shot my load between her chests.

She started to tear almost as soon as we ended our intercourse. I could not figure what was behind her sobs. Obvious to me, it was not her first time. Neither looked like tears of joy, nor tears of regrets. All the more not the result of emotional overflow from an intense orgasm because it was just a short session.

Dramatic, but looked fake to me.

Almost as simultaneously as I felt turned off, a piece of distant memory manifested.

Damned! I know who she is now. She was Mel’s ex!

Mel, my colleague, had a short fling with her few years earlier. I remembered him sharing with me the reason he dumped her was because he could not stand her after sex drama…Every time.

Thank you Karma, for putting me into Mel’s shoes. Served me right for laughing at him when he was relating his story to me then.

I did felt closer with Mel though. At least I could say – with pun intended – that we shared something someone in common. *wink


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