On choice of gynae

What are the criteria when choosing a gynae. Here’s another insight from Patrick S.

In one of our breaks, Patrick S. started.

“A show of hands fathers, whose gynae are above 50 years old.”

A satisfied look showed on Patrick’s face when he saw that majority of us raised our hands.

“And I believe it was our wives who chose the gynae?” Patrick queried.

Most of us nodded.

“Right. So it’s true.” Patrick said.

Some of us looked at one another trying to catch what Patrick meant.

“What is true?” We asked.

“Women preferred older gynae. Especially the male ones.” Patrick concluded.

“Better experience?” One of us said.

“Maybe. But not the real reason for the choice.” Patrick shook his head.

“Then what?” Another one asked.

“Shaky hands.” Patrick gestured.

The End.

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