How I lose 4kg in two days

Nope, this post is not about any weight-loss program. Sorry to disappoint.
This post document my experience with GID (Gastrointestinal Disease) commonly known as Food Poisoning.

Some time 2018

Shortly after an enjoyable dinner of home-cooked Mala Hot Pot, I suddenly felt cold and weak.
Don’t tell me it’s the influenza vaccination I took this morning. I thought.
Truth be revealed…I started running to the toilet. *Watery watery.
Two bottles of poh chai pills did not help. 12 visits to the toilet from night till dawn. I hardly rested.
Did I mention the pain in the ass? Yah…talk about abrasion by water.
Could hardly make my way to office without two pit-stops along the way. One at a petrol kiosk, another at a coffee-shop near my workplace.
I made a detour to the clinic once I started to feel discomfort. Giddiness and stomach cramp.
As it turned out, my blood pressure sistolic was at 100. That explains my giddiness.
The nurse told me I would be administered IV (Intravenous) drip if my sistolic was at 90 or below.
Lucky for me, I kept myself hydrated throughout the night despite the almost instantaneous output.
I was prescribed some medications and given two days medical leave.

The diahorrea did get less frequent in comparison to the nights before, but not showing sign of recovery. Still watery.

The diarrhea stopped one day after.
4kg from 48hrs of GID. I would like to positively think its worth it…as if I had a choice.

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Lol, this is the first time I’ve seen Poh Chai Yuen mentioned on WordPress, so that’s interesting. Sad to hear of your stomach disease though. They’re the worst.

Thanks Stuart. You are right.
Stand, sit, prone or lie down also uncomfortable.
But on the bright side, helps in my BMI 😁

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